Expert espresso, delicious chocolate and a very warm welcome

A great café should offer the perfect combination of coffee, food and hospitality if it’s to become your home away from home. At Coffee Tea & Me, we work very hard to make things as easy for you as possible.

So we concentrate on making coffee that’s second to none. We offer a delicious range of Chocolate Products and Deserts – baked fresh in the cafe every day – to tantalize your taste buds. And we create an environment that’s custom-designed to help you relax.

Settle down on a comfortable seat, order your favorite coffee and take it easy. Your Coffee Tea & Me will make you feel right at home.


The Chocolate Factory

Coffee Tea & Me brings you the 1st and the best chocolate factory in Agartala,Tripura. A new study suggests that eating chocolate can help you stay thin. Researchers at the University of California-San Diego found that people who frequently eat chocolate have lower body-mass indexes than people who don’t. Other evidence indicates that chocolate can also ward off strokes, heart attacks, and diabetes. So here are so many reasons to visit our Chocotale Factorty outlet. Not only that you can also gift your near and dear one with the chocolate gift hampers. So all you just need to do is Fall in love with chocolates and Coffee Tea & Me.


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